Stay SaaSy is about scaling, managing, and leading growth stage startup teams, with a particular emphasis on product and engineering.

We believe that advice should be actionable, regardless of whether the topic is lofty and strategic or low-level and tactical. To help you find posts that are most relevant to your situation, we’ve broken our posts into categories below. If you want to know where to start, scan through the headings to dive into areas where you have specific needs.

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For Executives

For Executives of All Sorts

Much of our experience comes from executive-level leadership: Building and running departments in high-scale environments. Here is advice for executives and leaders of all types.

For Heads of Product

For Heads of Engineering

Team Structuring

For Managers of All Sorts

General Management Advice



Product Strategy

Selling to the Enterprise

Here’s our post series on how to build a highly sellable enterprise B2B product.

SaaS Strategy

Using Data

Startup Scaling

Much of our experience comes from building teams and improving processes in very high growth environments. Here’s a compilation of topics related to rapid scaling:

Careers and Onboarding

Situational Guides

Special Situations

Here are some of our situation-specific guides, for team members of all levels who are handling rare but critical situations.


We’ve put together several reference lists for various startup phases.