We work at an enterprise SaaS company. We have engineering backgrounds and had the good fortune to see the full arc of venture-backed startup growth: from pre-product/market fit to past $100M in ARR, and from single-digit employees to hundreds.

We started this blog to share what we’ve learned on how to scale product and engineering through startup hypergrowth. We’re both voracious readers, but had to learn a number of hard lessons firsthand – in part because so little has been written about building great B2B products and teams. Most writing on how to scale technology teams comes from consumer tech, and most content about B2B / SaaS software has a heavy sales and marketing slant. We want to share our experiences so that others can grow faster than we did.

We publish 1-2 new articles a week. Drop us a line at hellostaysaasy@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries!